How to Plan for Your First Zip Lining Adventure

Ziplining is an adrenaline-filled outdoor recreational activity. In some parts of the world, ziplining was initially used for observational purposes without disturbing the natural environment. Zip lining has recently become a popular recreational activity in a state that is typically dominated by beach tourism. A zip line is usually set-up on a slanting slope. The start point is high, whereas the endpoint is the lower part of the slope. Ziplines differ in length, depending on the intensity of the activity. They have two types of braking systems that help control the speed. 

You do not need to buy any equipment when going ziplining since they provide you with the equipment. Some of the gear you will be given include gloves, a helmet, and a seat and chest harness. Ziplining is generally a safe sport, but if you have any physical or heart conditions, you may want to consult your physician before you go ziplining. Listed below are a few tips that can help you prepare for your first ziplining adventure.

Appropriate Attire

When going for a ziplining adventure for the first time, ensure that you wear the appropriate attire. You may also want to consider the weather conditions. For instance, if the weather is hot, do not forget to wear sunscreen and loose-fitting clothes. 

If you decide to wear shorts, pick ones that are not too short to prevent the harness from brushing your skin. Ladies should avoid wearing dresses or skirts when going zip line since these are not safe or appropriate. Lastly, ensure you wear closed shoes to keep your feet protected.

Listen to Your Guide

It is important to pay attention to your ziplining guide. Avoid being on your phone or being distracted when they are giving out instructions. You may miss out on important information. The guides are put in place to ensure that you have fun, but you are safe while at it. They also teach you how to use the braking systems to be in control while on the course. 

If you missed something while the guide was explaining, make sure you ask for clarity purposes. The guides will generally explain everything you may need to know about zip lining before getting on the course.


As mentioned earlier, ziplining is generally a safe sport to partake in. You still, however, need to ensure that you are taking all the safety measures into place. For instance, as mentioned, you need to listen to your instructor carefully, but you also need to ensure you are always strapped into a safety line. When you are safely strapped into a line, you avoid getting injured should you fall when stepping off the course, and the line will also catch you in case you fall. 

Before you ask – no, you can’t take your dog along so that you can capture the world’s most epic selfie. You’ll have to leave your fluff ball in a safe place, securely on the ground. You should also avoid trying to take a selfie in any case while suspended in the air. Although you may want to capture the moment, it is not safe.

Instead, you can ask a friend, family, or instructor to take a picture of you as you zip line. You have to use both your hands to support yourself. By taking a picture with your phone while you are zip lining, you compromise on your safety.

You may be ridden with anxiety the first time you go ziplining but do not let this stop you. Get out of your comfort zone and experience the thrill and adrenaline that comes with ziplining. However, one of the most important things you should keep in mind before your first ziplining adventure is the reputation of where you are going to zip line. Ensure you do your research to ensure it is a reputable place or ask someone who often ziplines for a recommendation. Do not forget to let loose and enjoy yourself.