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Soar Over Forever Florida On Our NEW Zipline Safari™

Introducing Florida's First and Only Zipline Safari!

The ALL NEW Zipline Safari is NOW OPEN! "Like" Florida EcoSafaris on our Facebook Fan Page to get special insider sneak peaks at this amazing new adventure, the biggest and best in Florida!

See the wilds of Forever Florida like never before - from high up in the treetops! The All NEW Zipline Safari, NOW OPEN, will take you on a two and a half hour adventure like none other, reaching heights of 68 feet and speeds up to 30 mph!

Click for LARGE pictureYou'll sail above it all on this breathtaking aerial nature tour - a network of cables designed to send thrill-seekers flying through Pine Flatwoods and over forested wetlands, home to native Florida wildlife including alligators, black bears, white tail deer and the endangered Florida Panther. For an even more extreme adventure enjoy zooming through the night sky on one of our Starlight or Moonlight Zipline Safaris.

Zip through Forever Florida
You'll start with transport from the Forever Florida visitor center on one of our all terrain safari coaches. Starting out at the edge of the georgeous conservation lands, you'll suit up and head in for some wild Florida adventure. Led by an expert guide, you'll "zip" among the trees from platform to platform along a system of seven high-tension cables.

From NEW viewing platforms high above the treetops, you'll have a 10 mile radius view where from one point you can take in the entire 4700 acres of the beautiful Forever Florida Wildlife Conservation Area. The breathtaking aerial view of the wilderness will be the perfect vantage point to spot wildlife and experience Florida's ecology. Your trek through the treetops also includes two sky-bridges passing over a slough, a type of forested wetland.

Super Awesome Zipline Safari Guides!The final zip brings you to ground level near your starting point so the next team can cheer your return. Feel free to take pictures from the 10 treetop observation platforms as long as you have a shoulder strap for hands-free carrying of that camera. But relax, the Zipline Safari photo crew will be capturing fun professional pics of your adventure for you to show everyone your Zipline Safari!

Starlight and Moonlight Zipline Safaris!
For an even wilder adventure, check out the nocturnal side of Forever Florida at one of our Starlight or Moonlight Zipline Safaris! You'll experience all the thrills of the Zipline Safari under a beautiful night sky full of stars.  Get ready for fun as you step off into the abyss, zipping through the night at speeds up to 30 miles per hour!  Many animals are most active at night giving you the chance to spot an entirely new set of Forever Florida's residents.  Your expert guides are there with you to see to your safety and help you spot wildlife.  One thing is sure, you won't need any help spotting the moon and stars throughout this amazing journey.

Spots on the Starlight and Moonlight Zipline Safari are the same price as the daytime Zipline Safari. Space is limited so please make your reservations early.

Moonlight Zipline Safari's happen every Saturday Night!

Zipline SafariZipline SafariZipline SafariZipline Safari

Zipline Safari are trademarks of Allen Broussard Conservancy, Inc.

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Zipline Safari Info

Designed For Excitement!

  • The Zipline Safari is the biggest and safest zipline course in Central Florida.
  • Safari consists of 7 "zips" and 3 sky-bridges with views of the entire 4700 acre Forever Florida Wildlife Conservation Area
  • Duration - 2 1/2 hours but with checkin and transport, allow 4 hours onsite
  • Maximum height - 68'
  • Maximum speed - 30 MPH
  • Longest individual zip - 682 feet, nearly the length of 2 football fields!
  • 10 Observation Platforms, several with a view up to 10 miles away!
  • Pricing: $65 for adults and children ages 10 years and older who meet the 55 lb minimum weight and 275 lb maximum weight
  • Advance Ticket Purchase Required. Call 407-957-9794 or toll free 1-866-85-4EVER and follow the phone promts for "Reservations" or book your adventure online Now.

Built For Safety.

  • Cables capable of minimum load of 26,600 lbs
  • Fully certified guides are with you and making all of your safety connections for you throughout the journey. You definitely don't want to go on a non-guided zipline. Plus, they're a lot of fun and really make the experience.
  • The Zipline Safari is the only dual line zipline course in Central Florida providing industry leading safety that you should consider a must. Think of it as a second line supporting you as a backup.
  • No hand braking - You don't want to sign up for any zipline experience that uses hand braking. In our no-hand-braking system, you'll slow and brake automatically as you glide into the platforms, the safest system in Florida
  • Guests remain connected to one of two safety connections at all times throughout the course
  • An engineered course professionally designed for safety
  • All this together makes the All New Zipline Safari the safest zipline course in Florida and that means all you have to do is enjoy the adventure!

Allen Broussard
Crescent J
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