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Only at Forever Florida...
Get Ready for Real Adventure in Real Florida

Forever Florida Visitor Center
Come adventure with us on our 4,700 acres of eco-ranch and wildlife conservation lands. Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida has the most diverse, amazing and unique adventures offered in one location for the whole family.

Where else can you experience the wilderness like the pioneers, fly above the forest like a bird, leap from a tower like your favorite action hero, or snake through the treetops on America's only zipline rollercoaster. And you can do it all in one of the wildest remaining places in Central Florida.

By doing so you are supporting the conservation efforts of the Allen Broussard Conservancy. You will not just be playing in the wilderness, you will be helping to save it. A large portion of what you spend here goes directly to the conservation efforts of the Allen Broussard Conservancy.

Where else can you find this variety of amazing adventures and so many different ways to play?

The Rattlesnake Zipline Roller Coaster by Florida EcoSafaris
The Thrill Pack
Our newest adventure package features four of the most thrilling aerial adventures you'll ever experience: The Rattlesnake - Scream through the treetops on America's FIRST and ONLY zipline rollercoaster! The Pounce - One small step for you, one giant leap for your heart rate. Can you walk off a 7-story tower? The Plunge - Race side-by-side on a quarter mile aerial drag strip, Florida's longest straightaway zipline. The Swing - Swoop like a bird on the 55-foot extreme swing. You're not in the playground anymore.

Zipline Safari
Prepare yourself for Florida's wildest zipline experience. Soar through the treetops while the wild birds soar above on the biggest zipline adventure in Central Florida. From almost 70 feet above the ground you'll experience Forever Florida's wild lands like the birds do. Our expert guides will lead you safely over 7 ziplines and 3 sky bridges connecting 10 aerial platforms. And when the sun goes down you can still go up. We zip by starlight or moonlight on Saturday nights all year long.

Cypress Canopy Cycle by Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida
Cypress Canopy Cycle
Explore native Florida wild lands from a unique perspective on the FIRST and ONLY canopy cycle tour in the U.S. Pedal your specially designed cycle along a steel cable up to 25 feet above pineland and forested wetlands over the three-quarter mile course. Watch for the unique flora and fauna you might encounter along the way.

Coach Safari
Bring your cameras and binoculars and climb aboard a shaded open-air safari coach, riding five feet above the ground for the best view of the scenery and wildlife. On the two-hour tour you will pass through the historic Crescent J Ranch, learning about Florida's rich ranching heritage and explore the ecosystems of the Allen Broussard Conservancy's

Coach Safari
Forever Florida preserve. Your guide will introduce you to many remarkable native plants and animals that live here and take you for a stroll along a boardwalk that loops through the Bull Creek floodplain with its black waters and ancient cypress trees. A handicapped-accessible coach is available by prior arrangement.

Horseback Safari
Horseback Safari
See real Florida the way the pioneers did. Ride out into the wilds of the Forever Florida preserve with your experienced guide to discover what makes these unique conservation lands worth preserving. Your trusty horse will carry you through forest, stream and flatwood on an unforgettable one-and-a-half-hour journey. For a truly amazing adventure, ask about an Overnight Horseback Safari, which includes six hours of riding plus camping, dinner and breakfast.

Immerse yourself in the wilds of Florida. Spend a night or more tenting out at our beautiful remote campsite deep in the Forever Florida preserve. Step away from the campfire to take in the spectacular star show without light or air pollution. After the campfire stories and maybe some s'mores, you'll enjoy a hot shower in modern facilities before drifting off to the songs of crickets, owls and other night creatures. For less rustic camping, try Bunkhouse Camping at Forever Florida's Camp Illahaw.

Preserving Natural Florida
Remember your are not just having fun, you're helping save Florida wilderness. For
more information about the conservation efforts of the Allen Broussard Conservancy,
visit the Allen Broussard Conservancy site.

News and Events

  • Camp Illihaw is now accepting applications!
  • New Thrill Pack
    Experience the all new THRILL PACK...
    4 unique rides only available at Florida EcoSafaris
  • Buffet Breakfast Open
    every Sat Sun 8:30am to 11:30am

    $7.95 Adults; $4.95 Children

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